portrait-29-8-11-2I love to explore. Discover the new and unchartered. We live in a time where the internet is the basis for our new exploration. We are the new Columbus.

I love to work with people that are setting out on their own expedition to the future. And I love to share my expertise with them to help them succeed.

Through the years I have been part of starting consultancy companies, growing companies, re-launching services and new startups. This experience has taught me to ask the right questions and help you develop yourself faster.

For larger corporates I have built on my experience as founder of StartupBus Europe to translate the program into three different setups that can be used to bring the startup vibe into larger organisations.

I am always looking for:
– Startups to mentor or advice
– Platforms where I can inspire others
– Places to speak to help people change their view of the world and their opportunities
– Organisations that want to innovate faster and operate more like startups
– Partners for startup related events

Call me at +31 653 961 138 or mail me on arne@arnehulstein.nl if you want to find out what I can give you. Obviously you can also talk to me on  TwitterFacebookLinkedin. Or even just Google “arnehulstein” for more information.