I can help you get inspired. I can help you to inspire the people in your workspace, your university or your school. I strongly believe that to be successful in the startup industry, you need to adopt a new way of looking at things. Thinking outside the box is no longer what is required. It goes far beyond that. We need to let go of the box altogether.

If you want to get inspired, I offer various possibilities. However, all possibilities have one thing in common. You will not just sit still and listen. I will trigger your line of thoughts, I will put you to work and I will get you to test your own abilities. So, what can I do for you?

Mind Gears
This will trigger the gears of your mind. It will make trigger your mind into new ways of thinking. The actual content will depend on the audience and the environment where the workshop is held. But regardless of where this workshop has been, it has made people aware that there are other ways to approach problems. There are great new challenges ahead and now you are able to identify them. This workshop has been taught at everything from college to businesses. You will leave this workshop feeling more innovative, more creative or more passionate about bringing change to your environment.

One Day
We all heard it: “And then, one day…” This is the One Day workshop. This workshop is going to get you off your chair and get your team into action. We take a startup approach for a single day. You will learn how to look at things from a different angle. You will get new ideas and you will get to work on them. And at the end of the day you will have a tangible result which will stay with you and which will have changed the way you look at yourself, but also at the people you did this workshop with. Why? Because One Day you can change the world.

Ultimate Creation Time
This is the 72 hours that is going to change the way you look at yourself, your abilities and the challenges around you in a completely different way. In 72 hours you will learn how to look at challenges in new ways. You will forget that there was a box that you needed to think out of. You will stretch yourself beyond your own expectations. And you will create something with a team of people that you had never deemed possible in 72 hours. This is the Ultimate Creation Time. You will come back changed. You will come back tired, but full of energy. But most importantly, you will come back with a vision on how you can change the world around you more than you ever expected before.

Want to know more?
Get in touch with me through the contact form below. You can find all the information you need right there. Get in touch with me and I can provide you with more information that is right for your situation. I can tell you about costs and benefits. And I can tell you why you are going to love this.

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