Startups are great and founders are usually fantastic people. But sometimes you just need someone from the outside to look at what you are doing and ask you the right questions. Questions not to take you down, but questions to make you think. To take a step back and see what you have and how it can be much bigger than you have envisaged before.

Over the past five years I have been involved with startups, startup coaching and startup mentoring with startups from the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, India, Germany and many more. Some were funded, some where not. But the end result is always the same. You get some time to reflect. You get asked the right questions by someone who knows the environment and has met many other startups. You can get inspired, you can get unstuck. Will this change your product? Maybe. Will this change your business model? Perhaps. Will it change your view on what you are set out to achieve? Definitely. Will it make you better? Absolutely.

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