This year, I will be part of the team that is overseeing blogger accreditations for LeWeb. Together with Stephanie Booth and Frédéric de Villamil we will be making a selection of the best international bloggers (and podcasters) who will be invited to be official LeWeb’11 bloggers. However, we need your help to find the best bloggers for the job.

This year LeWeb’11 will be a three day conference. That is an extra day over last year, which means there will be 33% more great content. That alone is a reason to be there. The theme this year is SOLOMO, social-local-mobile. If you are not eligible for a blogger accreditation, you can get a ticket at €800 off until September 30th! If you are a student, freelance developer or a startup, there are different offers for you which you can find at the bottom of the registration page.

Right now, you can help a blogger go for free and be an official LeWeb’11 blogger. How? Just by filling out a simple form. Just tell us which bloggers you like and why you think they should be invited to LeWeb’11.

What do we expect of official bloggers? We are looking for people that:
Have a passion for content and reporting;
Commit to attending and covering the conference (it’s in English) on their blog;
Have significant reach and influence inside their community.
And naturally, they have to have a proper, publicly accessible and established blog or postcast. And by the way, having huge numbers of followers on whatever social network does not make you a blogger. Blogging does.
(An official blogger will receive tickets to LeWeb’11 for free. Every blogger will need to cover their own expenses for visiting the conference.)

We will be going over all submissions as they come in. This takes time. Please allow us to take that time. Each blogger we select to become an official LeWeb’11 blogger, will be contacted by us personally and directly.

Please keep in mind that being recommended is not part of a popularity contest. There have been some people that had that thought last year. Every blogger will be looked at and selected based on our own criteria. The number of recommendations that they have had is of no importance to us.

The main reason for us to work with recommendations, is that we want to discover important bloggers and podcasters that we might not have known of. And to make sure that we do not miss anybody we absolutely should be inviting.

So, here is the form. We are looking forward to your recommendations.