I have to admit to something. I have to admit to believing that mobile media was better than it is. I have to admit I believed in live streaming great quality video from anywhere. I have to admit to thinking we could pull it off by using applications that are readily available.

And then reality kicked in.

Mobile technology is great and we are able to do much more than we would have a year ago. The phones I am carrying, the Nokia N82, the N95 8Gb and the new N96 are all able to do great quality video. However, the network is not up to it yet. The capacity to process data is probably there, but realtime streaming still is a very different story. Let alone streaming live from a car doing incredible speeds on the German autobahn.

But we are not stopped by this. We are now using the N96 for in-car videos and uploading them through youtube. You can find them all here and on Dutchcowboys.nl