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Tribes: We need you to lead us

Yes, I am cheap. I got the audiobook from for free. Seth Godin’s latest book is on tribes. What? Tribes. The second meaning the Oxford dictionary lists for tribes is “a distinctive close-knit social or political group”. And that is what Seth is talking about. A close group of people that are lead by a leader. And that leader isn’t just anybody. That leader is you.

Honestly, I have not finished the book just yet. I have quite some time still to go. But I have to write about it already. Because it is all new to me? Well, not really. I am a very firm believer in all things related to social media, as most of you will know. Only this afternoon I stated that relational marketing is the marketing of the near future. And I stated that to my old marketing teacher. Why I have to write about Seth’s book, is because it has made me think again. I have had a number of things in the back of my head, that I had not taken action on. They have just been lying around there gathering braindust. But if there is something Seth’s book does, it is getting you involved. It gets you thinking about how you can be a leader. About what type of unconventional ideas you are having. And it makes you dream about what it would be like if those ideas could be put into practice.

So the question that remains is what YOU have been dreaming about lately? Or over the past few years even. What is the thing you would most love to do? What is the change you would want to make in the future? Think about that while you read the book, or listen to it. And then get up and do something about it. Not because it is fun to lead, not because it will give you status, not even because of what you will be achieving. But mainly because you love doing it and because you have a passion for the change you would want to make. And that is the best reason if ever there was one.


  1. erwin blom

    Well, can you answer the questions yourself?

  2. Fabio Platero

    Spread the word!

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