Last Monday I restyled my blog. I felt it was in need of a new look so I went looking for the best way to do it. The trouble is that I wanted it quick and I am not a WordPress wonder. So I grabbed a standard theme and changed the header for a picture I shot a while ago.

Twitter is fantastic. I post when I post a blogpost. In fact, I post lots of other stuff there as well, as my blog is just a very tine piece of what I do on twitter. Today I asked for feedback on my blog and got some very nice pointers. Some I had received earlier through chat or mail and some suggestions were new. In any case, I loved them because they are the equivalent of advice given to a woman trying on something new. You know the question. And that is the question I would love to ask you to give me feedback on. Does my blog look big in this? Or do you have ideas to make it look bigger? Just let me know and I will try to incorporate all your ideas.

P.S. And if your idea would be to restyle it even more with one of your themes, just let me know as I would be interested as well.