It has been an exciting year. Economically we have gone from a high to a low. In the news, many things have attracted our attention. And now it is Christmas again. For me, like so many others, Christmas is about spending time with relatives. Not about heaping up mountains of food on our plates, or handing over ridiculously expensive gifts. But about being together, about spending time and cherishing relationships with the people close to me.

Something else I love to do is to sit back and reflect. Just thinking back and reviewing all the great things that have happened last year. For me personally, I enjoyed spending time at conferences like The Next Web, Web 2.0 Expo Berlin and BLog 08. And working with companies like Ford, Nokia and Vodafone and our many sponsors for the Next Web ticket giveaway to achieve something fun and beneficial. And not just beneficial for myself. In fact, bringing the Ford to Berlin has resulted in introducing Scott Monty to Tim O’Reilly after time spent with Tim in the car. As some of you will have seen, this introduction has resulted in Scott speaking about Ford and social media at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco next year.

On a private level a lot of great things have happened and I could not define my ultimate high of the year. In the end, I just love my family and all that are around me. All along the spirit of the season.

Looking forward to 2009, I see great opportunities for organizations to gain through the current economical situation. New technology and a focus on relational sales and marketing will enable organizations to reach more customers at less cost. A briliant way to start the New Year with new profits.

AS for this blog, it will continue. But it might be until 2009 before a new post will come. Enjoy the holidays.