Today is the day of the Cost Engineering Event 2009. First held in 2007 the event can pride itself on being one of the biggest events on the subject of cost engineering in Europe. Cost engineering can be described as the art of assigning value to that which has been or will be engineered. However, in every day life this means that cost engineering is the ultimate profession for people who want to get ‘bang for their buck’. A cost engineer is looking to maximize effect for every little bit of money spent. And that makes the cost engineer a great addition to any company.

In these challenging economic times, cost engineers can help companies stay afloat. Not only will they get a company as much as possible for the money spent, they can also control the spending better and work with engineers to redesign with a view towards reducing cost. But there is more… Well, there always is, right? But to see more, you should better go to the Cost Engineering website. I will be at the Cost Engineering Event 2009 ¬†for both days as account manager for Cost Engineering. We might have a seat for you if you give me a call.