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Today I saw a tweet pass by about libraries and ebooks. Right away it triggered my brain. In the old days, I would share my books with my friends. I would read it and when I thought it was a good book, I would recommend it to others and often give it to them to read. In the old days, we all thought that was a great way of sharing great books. As a matter of fact, I am still reading a great book in that same way.
But now things are different. As sharing now means that I will have to create a copy of my book to give to you, sharing has become theft. Sadly this means that I am not allowed to share my newly bought ebook with anybody. Such a shame.
I can understand the reasoning most publishers will have. However, doesn’t this mean that we need to look for new ways to share? It could be time for a user generated library. One that I can commit ebooks to, which I can then share with a link to my friends. They should be able to commit the link to their ebook reader and read away. In the same way I would be able to browse the collection to find the book I would like to read. And to make sure the authors make a buck, I would be more than happy to pay something like €40 to be a member and to be able to read the books others are sharing. After all, that is what I pay for my ‘regular library’-card as well. It could all be so simple and we could still share what we love.


  1. Martin Wolf

    Looks like Jeff Bezos reads your blog:

  2. Martin Wolf

    What you’re looking for already exists; it’s called The Pirate Bay. 🙂 But yeah, good luck convincing the publishers to go along with it.

    In the system as you have it in mind, would there still be some kind of DRM scheme attempting to enforce that a book can only be loaned by one person at a time, and while loaned out the original buyer does not have access to it? Or would it really be a legal version of TPB for a flat fee per year?

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