We have all been there. The question. Not just any question, but the question you knew you didn’t have an answer to. Then it happened. You answered the question. For whatever reason you felt forced to answer the question. You satisfied your customer and went on your way. Weeks later, you got a call. Either from the customer, a colleague or even your manager. The customer came back on your answer.

This has put you in a difficult position. Even though the real answer would have been so easy. Honesty is the greatest answer anyone can give. Tell the customer you do not know at the moment, but that you will get back on it. And if it is vital, get in touch with the people who know there and then. You will find out that customers will give you the space you need to make that call, just to be able to answer their question without doubts. Personally, I have been in that situation. The great realization for me came when I found out that I closed more deals where I would make the call, than when I would just give an answer I doubted even a little bit.

Honesty does not just go a long way, it closes the deal.