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Jux, the future of blogging?

A screenshot of my Jux pageYesterday Jux has launched something new. An addition to blogging? An alternative for blogging? I am not sure. I think that for now, I will call it a great tool for sharing. Because for me, that is what blogging and social networks are all about. Sharing with friends and meeting new people through the content that I share. For you? That might be different. For your business? Again. But for me, it is about sharing what I see, what I think about, sharing my thoughts and inspiring others.

So, Jux you said? Yes. Unlike current blogging systems (like this WordPress blog), Jux is not focusing on sharing text and then beautifying it with images. Jux aims for the experience. Images, video and text can all be mixed together to create more of an experience page than a blog in the traditional sense of the word. Do I like that? Yes. A picture says more than a thousand words, and I am a bit of a talker. But I like the way Jux presents the content I can create. I like what I write to be an experience. And Jux allows me to create that. More than WordPress, Tumblr or Posterous does.

Is there a downside? Obviously. You have to have that visual content. And not everyone always has visual content that supports the point they are trying to get across. There also is a distinct lack of lenght. I wouldn’t know how I could share the post on recommending your favorite bloggers for LeWeb’11 in Jux. And that makes it less of a real blogging platform to me.

Is there room for improvement? Absolutely. There is no way to save a post as a draft. Or at least not that I could find. Then there is no way to connect it to your personal URL, which is incredibly important if it is your personal expression space. By my standards anyway. And I would like to have more freedom in moving text blocks around and playing with more fonts and styling elements. But I am sure that will grow in the future. So, Juxers, if you are reading this, this is my wish list:

  • Saving a post as a draft
  • Scheduling a post
  • A creative all text format that I can use to post text only posts
  • Keeping me signed in with Facebook and Twitter
  • Moving text blocks around and resizing them to fit text and images
  • More fonts
  • More styling elements
  • Allow me to change the color of my JUX title
  • Running it on a personal domain or a personal subdomain

But in general, I am going to play with this for a while. Check out my playground.

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  1. Harrison

    Thanks for your review! As you guessed, we’re listening out for every suggestion! Being visual is our thing, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to leave writers behind in the future.

    Harrison of

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