I talk to a lot of startups about various subjects. I like those talks. Most startup owners are passionate about their ideas. They all believe theirs is the best idea in the world. And they all go for world domination. Unfortunately, many of them are living in a dream world. A world where everyone flocks to their app, service or product. Just because it is so incredibly brilliant. But lets face it, it rarely works like that.

The biggest trigger for people to use an app or a service is when they get invited by their friends. Or if they see their friends use it. This should not come as a suprise to you. So, really, if you are building a service or an app, make sure that you include a way to have your users share it with their friends. Through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other serivces. Integrate Facebook’s Open Graph to give live updates on your users’ timeline. But whatever you build, make sure your users can use it with their friends. Your apps’ life depends on it.