As you will all have heard, Obama won the elections on the 4th of November. If nothing else, what I liked about his approach was his use of social media. He really was working on gathering people around him to carry his ideas further and communicate them to their friends. By using the established networks such as Facebook (2.5 million followers), LinkedIn (500+ contacts) and twitter (119,486 followers) but also by building the site. A great approach. And a great example of leading a tribe to influence the world. However, the question I am left with is this. Will Barack keep it up? Will we hear from him next week, next month or in April when he has been in office for four months. Will we still be able to contact him this way and will he still share with his followers what he is doing. Or will the site be hushed and will we wake up to the fact that it has been a great marketing effort to push the name and push the man. I sincerely hope not, because we have had a great taste of what social media are able to do when they are a part of your complete approach to reaching your potential tribe. Lets keep that up @barackobama and lets keep on talking. It might even be a bit more personal to my taste as you see with @MaximeVerhagen the Dutch minister of foreign affairs. But at least @barackobama, lets stay in touch. Can I hear your “Yes we can!” on that?