Even twitter became love ground yesterday. Twitter users could declare each other their love by sending a <3 which would convert into a heart on their web timeline. Gtalk users also saw hearts as gtalk converted the <3 as well. Receivers of hearts could easily respond by using a special “Yes” button in their timeline. Lets just say that it was fun, got some people in a frenzy and generally messed up everybodies timelines by flooding them with love. Joy all around.

Nevertheless, I did feel something was missing. Valentine’s also is the day to send your secret declaration of love to others. Twitter listed your name, so that couldn’t really be seen as an anonymous declaration by any definition. Wouldn’t it have been great if you could have sent a direct message to @valentwitter to say you loved one of your followers? It would have made the excitement even bigger.

But for me… Yesterday, I just left my Valentine’s surprise in the kitchen and when she found it, she loved it.