Driving up towards Rotterdam yesterday I was confronted with a great example of building an image. I passed a big van in a dark chocolate color which carried a minimalist design. Just the first name of a person and in a smaller font “garden art”. The van and it trailer breathed the image of garden art instead of a gardener. From the old fashioned font used on the van to its special wheels, to the immaculately clean digger on the trailer behind it. Everything tells you that when this man arrives, you are in for a treat. He is not going to cut your weeds and mow your lawn, he is going to create a masterpiece on the thin line between nature and art.

For me it affirmed once again that a great image is a very valueable thing to have. It gets you noticed and it gets you interesting jobs as well. After all, the van did have a Belgian plate. When was the last time you ordered your gardener from another country?