It all started as a very standard morning that 18th of March when I walked into the office. Nothing extraordinary seemed to be happening. But that is the thing with extraordinary, you never know when it is going to strike. That morning it struck during a conversation on The Next Web conference. It started as a suggestion with a hint of humor in it. And then it happened. It hit and it hit hard. Before I knew it, my idea had become a concept and sponsors were jumping the bandwagon. On midnight the 28th of March the deadline to enter for the giveaway of a number of The Next Web tickets, there was a frenzy with Dutch twitterazi. Erwin Blom and I had previously said that we were not going to just hand out the tickets. An effort had to be made. We agreed on that because we both were guessing we might have 5, 8 or at its wildest maybe even 10 startups maximum. Yesterday the impact of the whole thing became clear. 25 startups registered for the tickets. Honestly, I am overwhelmed. Completely. And of course, I am now in heavy competition. Check to see my own entry.