Getting financed is a difficult thing. There are many options and all have different approaches to your business. However, none of the approaches seem to work when you need them to. It might just be that I am making it too hard on myself, but I do want to work to certain standards. After all, I do have a family to feed and I would like funds to come at a reasonable rate.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been offered help in several ways. People have mailed me or have responded to LinkedIn questions to offer to secure funds for Meetial. However, the risks and cost involved sometimes are beyond what you would expect. For low risk loans, enormous fees and interest is charged. When you move towards more risky loans, you need to bring pretty steep amounts of money or give guarantees that will completely bankrupt you as soon as something goes wrong ever so slightly. Being subisdised is hard as most government grants are done on a 50/50 basis where you bring the other 50. And if you get to talk to a VC, they would like to have your company and some extra’s. That is, if you get in there, because a project like this is hard to pitch to a VC when there is nothing actually working.

But, I don’t give up nor give in. There must be another way. I don’t know yet, but there must be.