Sad news today as the official Google Blog has brought the announcement that Google will no longer be developing Google Wave and that the plug will finally be pulled at the end of this year. The reason mentioned is the low adaptation of Wave by the community. As true as this is, the problem is not just with the community. I believe the problem runs deeper where Google has launched some great technology that just has not been developed far enough to be at a stage where everyone can use it. There are still too many flaws that need addressing, but if those would be taken care of, I believe Wave could have been a killer technology for Google offering organizations a whole new way of communicating with their target audiences.

Even earlier today I was still singing Wave’s praises. To my credit that was still some two hours before the plug was officially pulled. I still see Wave as a great solution to anyone who would be having customer interaction for instance. It would offer a great opportunity to receive a customers’ question, have the question travel the organization, post the answer and still have a log of all that has happened for future reference.
I could also see it replace email with collections of ongoing conversations instead of mails with cc’s, bcc’s, long quoted texts etc. I would have loved to see email disappear in favor of a technology like Wave as it is just so much more natural. Twitter for short interactions, Wave for longer ones where both can represent dialogues.

But alas, it has been decided that it will never be. Fortunately, everything connected to Wave has been opened up as open source technology, but large scale adaptation seems to be further off than ever now. Anyhow, I am off to my Wave inbox now as I have one awesome new project running and that gets managed from a wave. It will probably be my last, but at least I get to enjoy it for a little bit longer…