Everybody loves a discount. So, if you have a discount, let everybody know. Right? Well, yes, if that is your strategy. And for most webshops that is their strategy. However, you have to be careful about how you do it. The other day I was looking for an ebook. And I found it at the fourth shop. But as I looked over the details there it was. The one trigger I needed to look elsewhere. And it was not even the fact that the ebook was the exact same price as the printed one on my desk. It was the fact that I felt discriminated against. That apparently the book I wanted was not one they wanted customers for. It were three simple lines:

Official price: $9.99
Our price: $9.99
YOU SAVE: 0.00%

And lets face it, who wants to do business with a company who rubs it in so hard that everyone is special, and everyone gets a discount, except you. I don’t. Do you? In the end, the solution is simple. Ask your programmer that if the discount is lower than a certain percentage, the percentage is not displayed. And I would have been happy to buy the book.