Weren’t there to be ten posts about then trends? Yes, but as with any good band there is an encore. The encore to my series on social trends is a single trend that encompasses them all. And it is called Joie de vivre.

We are entering a time when people value the joy of life and the enjoyment of life as one of their main motivators for the choices they will make. As a result, you should be looking at how you can make your brand, your product or your actions tie into the joy of life. What are the factors that make people enjoy what you have to offer. What is in it that contributes to them and their desires?

Throughout the ten trends that I have described over the past two weeks, we clearly see that line that shows how society is changing towards something that is more playful, has more freedom and focusses on the relationship between individuals and their surroundings more than ever before. And most importantly, at this moment you are holding the keys to make your organization, your product, your service or yourself a big success.

If you want to take a shot at growing your organization, your product, your service or yourself, there has never been a better time than now. You can now see, hear and feel your target audience. You can talk to them on a whole new and personal level. You can touch them at the points where they need you most, just by making sure you know what motivates them. Is that going to be easy? Not really. Is it going to deliver you the easy money you see some people talk about online? No. But what it is going to do is grow you, your organization, your product or your service. If you get this right, it will grow beyond what you have deemed possible. And you will do it with a customer base that is far more loyal to you than they ever were before. Because there is one rule that is hard to break. You don’t cheat on a friend. A friend is someone who cares for you, who helps you out and who you can always count on. The challenge in the coming years is to develop yourself into that friend. Because whether you are an organization, a product, a service or just yourself, you can be that friend to them. And the ten blogposts I wrote before are great guidelines to help you make that happen. If you can connect your organization, your product, your services and yourself to that overall trend of Joie de Vivre in the minds of your target audience, you are on the right track. And you will get your point across.

This post is part of a series on 10 social trends that can help you get your point across. For more information or a tailored advice on what could be your opportunities, get in touch on arne@arnehulstein.nl