Last Saturday I was invited to be part of a brainstorm team for Message Media in Brussels. As a seller of Christian media, they were interesting to hear our thoughts on how they could develop their business.

After some general information we started the brainstorm. What struck me was that most people there did not suggest any new media solutions. At a time when the internet and mobile technologies are booming, a lot of the first suggestions were focussing on increasing staff and putting posters in Churches. After I offered up suggestions on internet sales, community building and extending the sales points, more suggestions followed.

This got me thinking. How often do we try to get our business growing by enlarging the numbers in the direction we are going in? In reality, it is safe to say that we will do this most of the time. After all, humans are creatures of habit and looking for safety is in our nature. However, real growth and excellence is found when someone comes along and gets us to think out of the box. When we get to see new opportunities in places we had not seen them before. At Message Media, that might mean putting up ‘order displays’ in churches. Touchscreen setups which allow visitors to order materials over coffee after the service. And them have them delivered to their doorstep a few days after. It is not complicated, not terribly complicated. But it has not been thought of before.