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Iran is on fire, and I am there…

Iran protests for the 5th straight day #iranelection

Iran protests for the 5th straight day #iranelection

So many people have written about it. Go to google and you will find stacks of blogposts, articles and tweets on how twitter beat CNN and regular media in the race for news from Iran. And it is true. Where other media are in big trouble getting the story out from Iran, twitter brings the news to your doorstep. And not just in 140 characters. It have been the pictures that have really caught my attention. They show the devastation of the people and the way the regime is trying to keep the peace by surpressing any other options. Killing cellphones during the day, raiding dorms and universities, shooting protesters and generally keeping people from gathering by the use of brute force. It has turned from a protest into a battle not just for freedom, but a battle for a humane existence. An existance in which you are free to speak your doubts about your government and to ask them to justify their actions.

Personally, I have not seen anything from this close since watching the TV the day the Berlin wall came down. Not even when I was in email contact with people during the war in Serbia and Bosnia. This is real time, these are people you can relate to. People you can talk to. Ask questions, get answers and live with them through their times of hardship. This is how technology is putting us in new situations. How it is pulling us together and allowing us to do what we do best. Be human and build relationships. Because no matter what your political background or what your interests are, we are all humans and we all care for our families, friends and children. And then it does not matter what country you are in or what race you belong to. You are a friend.

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  1. brl

    Please RETWEET! We need 1 million people Oustide of IRAN, to Change their Timezone setting on Twitter to Tehran year one

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